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this is monitoring of exchange offices, which helps you find a reliable and profitable way to carry out the desired operation. We offer exchange offices with an impeccable reputation and positive feedback from real clients. For you, we do everything possible to ensure maximum safety and comfort when preparation and execution of transactions.

On ExSun you can exchange cryptocurrencies such as BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), USDT (Tether) and many others. If you need to convert fiat money such as RUB, USD, EUR, UAH, BYN or others - you can easily exchange them too. We have such popular directions as Sberbank RUB, Privat UAH, Tinkoff RUB, Visa\MC RUB and others available.

ExSun Mission

is not only to help you quickly, conveniently, and safely exchange your funds. We want to assist you in better understanding the market you are part of, enabling you to gain various benefits from interacting with it! Our FAQ and blog can help you dive into the fascinating world of finance and cryptocurrencies.

Similarly, we see our mission for exchange points. We aim to help you not only earn more but also provide the opportunity to better understand your audience, establish new ways of interaction, and thus strengthen your reputation as market leaders.

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Our competitive advantages

We offer our customers a unique opportunity: to receive cashback of up to 35% of our profit! This means that you will gain additional benefits from every currency exchange transaction you make through ExSun.

We believe it is entirely fair to share a portion of the income you helped us generate. Using our monitoring is more advantageous than competitors, not only because of this! If you personally don't need cashback, you can always redirect it to charity in support of open-source software.

Two simple steps to get cashback

  1. 01 /Complete a transaction at one of the exchange points by accessing it through our listing. It's important to choose an exchange point that offers cashback - they are marked with a special icon (unfortunately, we cannot pay it without the exchange point's assistance).
  2. 02 /Submit a cashback request. After verification, the funds will be automatically credited to your account in our system. You can withdraw the accrued cashback in the way that suits you best.

ExSun utilizes a rating system based on several factors of exchange services' activity. The most crucial of these factors are user reviews; we also take into account the number of complaints and their ratio to successful transactions, along with several other factors.

A similar system is unique to exchange point monitors and is exclusively employed by us. It enables you to quickly make a decision on using an exchange service without delving into its reviews and without relying solely on the absence of active complaints and the profitability of the exchange rate, as competitors suggest.

We paid special attention to every detail when creating the interface to provide you with not only an attractive design, but also maximum usability.

The main measure of the reputation of an exchange point in the market is its reviews on independent platforms. We collect key ratings regarding your experience of conducting transactions for each exchange point to provide the most complete and up-to-date information necessary for an informed choice.

Before publication, each review is checked to confirm the fact of the exchange. This way, we eliminate fake reviews from exchange points, ensuring the honesty of feedback.

We have also developed a reward system for leaving reviews. You can receive a reward on your ExSun account balance for each published review. And if you choose an exchange point participating in the reward system (they are marked with a special badge) - an additional financial bonus!

We consider it important to clearly distinguish reviews with low service quality ratings and financial claims. This makes information about the exchange office's activities more relevant. Nevertheless, one of the most important tasks of monitoring is to assist in resolving such situations.

For these purposes, we use a claims system that helps resolve clients' financial issues. We actively work within its framework and inform users about active claims. As an intermediary and moderator, we strive to find the most optimal solutions for all parties, closely observing the exchange office's compliance with general operating rules.

At the same time, only verified cases are considered in the claims, undergoing several moderation cycles and requiring strict evidentiary support for confirmation. This allows protecting the interests of exchange offices and effectively combating dishonest competition and unfounded accusations.

Thanks to our partnership with numerous exchange points, we provide reliable data on current exchange options in selected directions. Our goal is to offer the largest number of suitable proposals without compromising their quality.

An important issue for monitors is the obsolescence or simply the mismatch of information about the conditions of the operation in their listing relative to real offers on the exchange point's website. To minimize such situations, we use alternative data collection systems, such as our API for exchange points.

Our notification system allows you to subscribe to both a direction and a specific exchange point, specifying the terms of the transaction - and receive a notification when the parameters suitable for you become available. As a result, you can conduct transactions on conditions that are personally suitable for you, including using our information for professional trading and arbitrage.


We place great importance on the security of your transactions to provide maximum protection against negative consequences when exchanging currency. Our interest in this is direct - if you have not successfully completed your exchange, we will not receive our money. Therefore, these are not empty words but the essence of our work and one of the main tasks.

To address this issue, we offer only exchange points that have a good reputation and have been moderated by our team. We conduct a check of exchange points, which includes the following parameters:

  • Owners and offices: We request necessary documents and conduct verification to confirm ownership of the exchange point and evidence of its functioning.
  • Reputation: We evaluate the activities of exchange points based on feedback from users before their placement in our listing, relying on open data and market analytics.
  • Age of the exchange point: We do not include new exchange points in the list that have been operating for less than three months. The operating time is counted from the publication of the first public reviews and other confirmations of activity.

After successful moderation, we place the exchange point and establish partnership relations with it. You can be sure that if the exchange point is present in our list, it has been verified by us and has a good reputation. However, we do not stop monitoring even after placing partners. Thus, if the exchange point violates the rules of our service or deceives users during its operation, we exclude it from the listing.

We cooperate only with reliable exchangersWe cooperate only with reliable exchangers